Is it safe to travel to Syria as an American Christian?

I am living in Syria ‘ Lattakia city

Its so safe dude why you all brainwashed about the situation here . Its more safe than the USA now . War is not in every single square meter of the country right now Lattakia tartus damascus hama homs aleppo are so safe .

Lattakia tartus cities was safe simce 2011 till now . Its like no war is going on .

I can provide live stream vedios . Life here is jusg normal . Restaurants are crowded . Night clubs are crowded people just took a breath again .and many turists started to come .

It is safe for an American to visit Latakia. However, you will be permanently put on a terrorist watch list.

Did you ever plan a surprise party for someone and they were furious? What happened?

Sadly, I was the furious one.Not all people like surprises, not all people like people. Sounds outlandish to some, to me it makes perfect sense.I have a background, to which I choose not to disclose in this answer because I don't want your sympathy. Though, I'm sure if you dissect my previous answers you will find the story.I

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Who will build the first working perpetual motion machine?What is the definition of ideal mechanical advantage?

Should Xi Jinping pay a visit to North Korea?

Chairman Xi should not pay a visit to DPRNK for a number reasons. Xi would turn the visit into political theater. Two, North Korea right now is giving heartburn to China who prefers a more low key role on the