Is it safe to visit Algeria?

Of course, Algeria has done a good job handling it. In all of Algeria there are 300 terrorists. And the majority are in the Kabaylie and the Remote areas near the borders. And these terrorists mainly target military or police forces. With numbers this low, there power to do anything is extremely limited. These terrorists aren't united but in sperate groups. If you are looking in the "advice against nut essential travel" or the "advice against all travel" zones keep in mind the attacks there are rare too.

I have family who have been working for 3 years in the "advice against travel at all times" and nothing will happen to them. Never travel alone, always with a few people whether it is a few Algerians or in planned trips the police.Avoid expensive cars, armored trucks or any form of obvious touristic transportation like tour buses and any other items that will make you standout. Avoid stoping in the wilderness, it is much easier to get into trouble that way.

Reading the travel advisories of governments is a place to start.   If they all agree a specific city or area is unsafe then avoid it.   When there is disagreement read the detail.   But any such information is either something that happened to somebody else or based on a best guess.

But in the end we all have different values.   I can say to you "it's safe" and then something unexpected happens.   As well as research before travelling safety is also about how you travel and how you comport yourself whilst travelling.   Safety is relative and you have to manage your own expectations.   I know that as a white 60-something male there is something about me that says "not a local" if only because almost every waiter speaks to me in English before I even open my mouth!   I therefore travel with that in mind.
Definitely, Yes. Algeria is not riskier than most countries in the region.

You should not think about the hostage crisis of In Amenas 10 days ago. It is an exceptional event that is related to the war in Mali.

Algeria in general is extremely safe, but the south is so vast that it is difficult to control everything in it. lt is then not recommended to venture to empty, unsecured places ; especially in the deep south.
I have just returned from an enjoyable two weeks in Algeria. The country is perfectly safe at the moment and if you do visit you will have a wonderful time discovering some incredible places and meeting some of the most friendly people. If you can speak French you will get by ok. Most of the signs are in French/Arabic and the majority of people speak a good level of French too.
Its safer than most part of the US, cuz overther people arnt allowed to carry weapons. To be with native Algeria would be great due to language barrier.
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