Is it smarter to go to college before or after the military in the U.S.?

Go to college, get a degree. Join the ROTC, they can help you pay for it, in some instances. If you are poor enough, the government can help you pay for it. If your family makes too much money for you to get that grant, but not enough to pay for college...take out student loans. Join the ROTC whether they help you pay or not. Once you graduate, you can become an officer, lead troops, receive higher pay. Being a commissioned officer in the military sets you up for a higher quality of job in the civilian world. Now you have a four year degree, you are an officer in the military. Pay off your student loans.

Spend 20 years leading troops as an officer, get a retirement, which pays immediately upon the age of 45.

Use your GI Bill, or Army College Fund. Go to graduate school. Get a much better job with tour Master's degree, at the ripe old age of 49. Work 20 more years (while getting paid your military retirement), and retire, living very comfortably on two retirements at the age of 69.

How much time per day should I spend at the gym if I only workout 3 days a week?

How much time per day should I spend at the gym if I only workout 3 days a week?This is one of the most popular and nagging question among weightlifters who are just starting out. I'm sure at some point after a training session you've asked yourself

Is it possible to gain weight and build muscle while on Keto and Intermittent Fasting? If so, then how could I do this?

Yes It can be done though it would be much easier with the ketogenic dietary plan for building muscle, compared to intermittent fasting.This is mainly due to the time allocation for consumption, depending on the structure of the individuals intermittent fasting it would normally be harder to fit in the number

Why do my parents fight even at the completion of 30 years of their marriage?

People communicate in all sorts of ways. Some couples communicate by fighting. If they have been fighting for 30 years, they aren't going to change. If it irks you, my suggestion is to simply leave when they are upsetting you. If you leave every time they start fighting, they might well get the