Is it true that Otto Von Bismark's Annexation of Alsace-Lorraine in the later 1800's helped set the stage for World War One?

A-L's annexation definitely put the French on a collision course with the Germans. It would be like if Canada declared war on the US, and then the US quickly curbstomps Canada and takes British Colombia. A-L had been the northeast border of France for centuries, and was seen as French as Paris (although there was a huge population of Germans there).

This obviously was not the biggest cause of WW1, but it definitely was a large factor.

What's the best travel route in Japan?

We've helped over 600 travelers a year plan their first trips to Japan.Based on this, our most popular route at its core includes:Tokyo (4–5 nights) - (3 hr train ride) - Kyoto (4 nights) - (2 hr train ride) -

When will the world run out of each of the major raw materials we use - assuming all trends continue as predicted at present?

There are so many factors involved in this, it's really the same as asking whether or not it will rain in Chicago eight weeks from now at 12 PM. Everyone is just guessing.Population growth, existing resources, unforeseen innovation, industrial growth of developing nations, evolving

What are the most boring mainstream sports?

My answer would be NASCAR.I believe that all depends upon how you are watching it or the venue that is chosen to observe that sport. If we are thinking about defining mainstream sports in America as: American Football (NFL or NCAA), Basketball, Baseball,