Is it true that most solar systems are binary, having two suns? Why?

According to Wikipedia it is estimated that about ⅓ of stellar systems in the Milky Way are multiples (binary or three or more stars). The remaining ⅔ consist of single stars like the Sun. Thus it is false that most stellar systems are binary, although I find the frequency of multiple systems surprisingly large myself.

Note that the Solar System is the proper name of the stellar system containing the Sun (aka Sol), the Earth, the seven other planets we know and love, and various other objects like Pluto (also known and much loved), Ceres and the other asteroids, and so on. Strictly speaking therefore no Solar Systems are binary because there is only one and it has only one star.

Copernicus-Kepler Model Modification:

1-The sun is on the vertical level relative to the Earth.

2-All solar planets are found on the horizontal level relative to the Earth

3-The Sun is higher than the Earth, and higher than all solar planets

4-The straight line from the Sun to the Earth is the main line in the solar group

5-The planets revolve around this line, and not around the sun herself..

6-i.e. the Planets revolve around the line connected between the Sun and the Earth...

7-That means when the planet revolve around the sun, he will revolve around the Earth also because both of them connected by this same one line

8-That's why, the Ptolemy model lived very long time, because it was correct

9-So if the planet revolve around the sun or around the Earth the result will be the same, because both of them contributed to create the main line in the solar group

10-And because the sun is higher than the Earth, we see the sun hesitating motion to forward and backward with angle 63.7 degrees yearly, as a circle motion

11-So the sun circle motion is NOT true, but resulted from our wrong vision for the sun motion...

12-I claim, the planets from the Earth to Pluto move toward the sun, but Mercury and Venus move in the reverse direction

13-The Earth daily displacement toward the sun = 1 km

14-The previous modification can give us some explanation for the Egyptian astronomical phenomenon 2737, in which Mercury, Venus and Saturn were perpendicular on the Earth on 3/12/2012(on the Egyptian pyramids heads-appendix No.1),

15-Which proves, that the planets Not only revolve around the sun but also revolve around the Earth, supports this modification.

Gerges Francis Tawdrous

Copernicus-Kepler Model Modification:

The Earth moves with light velocity relative to the sun

The solar system geometry (Part No. 3)

The solar system geometry ( Part 2)


(Do all solar planets move in the same frame)


That was thought true, based on 300 years' worth of surveys surveys of reasonably-bright visible stars. The problem is that that sample is biased, because most stars are dim red dwarves, and modern surveys with vastly improved equipment demonstrate that most of these are single stars. So the answer to your question is 'no'. See Astronomers Had it Wrong: Most Stars are Single.

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