Is it worth going back to school to become a high school teacher?

As long as you go in with the right mindset then sure. Do not think that just because you have "real world experience" you will be a great teacher. Teaching is a skill in of itself and is much different than having a mastery of the subject. There were much better teachers than I was who didn't know 10% as much about the subject. Empathy, organizational ability, confidence, the ability to hide your emotions when necessary, professionalism, and generally good social skills are much much more important than knowing everything about the subject. Also what gets lost in the news is the fact that teaching is much much easier for good students since they are generally self motivated. This is why educators are so opposed to grading teachers according to the test scores of their students.
I have several engineering friends (who each had at least a Masters in engineering), and then when they reached 50 or so in age, wanted to become high school mathematics or science teachers.

They took education courses, and worked their way into substitute teaching and now are full time high school teachers.

Every high school district needs more people like that.

Yes, give it a shot, and All the Best.
Is love responsibility?

Love is The joyful acceptance of exactly how and who someone is - trying to do that is a hell of a lot of responsibility.I want to make a distinction between the difference of responsibility to your own integrity and responsibility to someone else's hook they can

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Many would think that it is important to investigate the concept of data first. Data is a symbol of the recorded past. Such symbols can be numbers, or letters, or even images. Something that is discrete enough to allow for categorization. When we try make sense of the world we do it by categorizing our sensory inputs which

What happened to Tesla's mirrorless cars that uses cameras instead?

my understanding is government regulations prevent Tesla from introducing new design features such as mirrorless rear-view cameras and road following automatic LED headlights - features that will improve operations and safety but they don't check the strict boxes the USG requires. The new Tesla Roadster is also a mirrorless design but it may change