Is it wrong to date a girl 11 yrs younger?

It has less to do with the difference between your ages and more to do with the age of the youngest party.

Most countries have age-of-consent laws and statutory rape laws. Don't break those laws! They're there for a reason!

As other people have mentioned, if you're 20 and want to date a 9 year old, that's clearly messed up. But if you're 50 and want to date a 39 year old, that's totally fine.
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In the army, what workouts will I do besides pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and running?

I'll assume that you want exercises which build muscle/strength and endurance. I see most of the exercises have been mentioned, so, I will only discuss a few.Frankly, you don't need many exercises. Just add these to your current routine.BurpeesDive bomber push ups