Is it wrong to have a messy house? Does that make you a bad person?

No! Of course not. A messy home can label you as a messy person, but not a bad person

I am a pretty messy person, and the same can be said about my home.

Messy is not bad, if it can make you feel comfortable and cozy. I have a rather large bed of which I occupy only a small portion. The rest is the place for my essentials: the Laptop, the phones, chargers, the book I am reading, night clothes. It is not for the lack of furniture: I have closets, a computer table and a proper book shelf. But the stuff on my bed gives me a sense of comfort.

I like to keep them at a convenient distance from where I am sleeping.I like to wake up next to them.I do not think that is inherently unhealthy.

On the other hand, I often think that my room is a reflection of my mental state. I tend to clutter more during my depression and anxiety episodes. My work desk is cluttered with unorganized files and papers, the tables covered with a very visible layer of dirt, unwashed clothes piled up at every corner. The mess and the litter is a part of the shell that I crawl in during these anxiety episodes. This could be perceived as bad. Though the real culprit here is not the mess in the room but the state of my mind.

It adds permanence to my life.

In order for that to really make sense, you'd have to know me. So, I'll do my best.

I move around a great deal. I'm not in the military, I don't work as a travelling salesman... I wander. I live one place for a few months or years, and I move somewhere else. I've lived in half the states on the East Coast of the USA, a few in the middle, and two on the west coast (but I keep thinking about Santa Monica and making it Three states on the West Coast... AKA the entire west coast). Some places that people only consider as vacation spots, I'd go and live. New Orleans... Las Vegas... Cape Cod (Provincetown specifically), Narragansett RI (Beaches, Seafood, etc). That's not the list.

The point is... I find messy to be extremely comforting. I find messy says "I've been here a while." I find messy says "I'm Entrenched." Messy says these things to me. My mess says these things to me. That Jolly Rancher Cherry flavored drink mix box just said it. The Ehpro box full of little flash drives I don't use anymore said it... and woke up the flash drives... and they are all whining now too.

No. Obviously none of my mess actually speaks. But my mess reminds me it is mine. It isn't cold, sterile, anonymous. It is something I kind of need, within reach that reminds me of how long I've been wherever I am. Like a scrapbook I have spread out around me... made up of USB cords, schedules from work, boxes from vape heads, useless flash drives, gaskets... ooh, there's a PCMCIA wireless card.... my panasonic DV camera.. the USB 3.0 hub I'm slowly planning to fill with 3.0 128GB flash drives so I can make a 7 drive raid (I've got two.... I get them on Black Friday, I will only buy specific PNY drives, and only when they are $20 or less... when I've got that to spend frivolously).

See? Even my paragraph was a mess... and my idea of making a flash drive raid (nothing new, I assure you)... that's a mess. My hair is a mess, my health is a mess. I am a mess.

Does it make me a bad person?

I don't know. It makes me... me.

Does having a messy house make you a bad person? Well... are there other people living in your house with you? Is it your responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for these other people? If you answer YES to these two questions... then it makes you a bad person to live in a messy house. Why? Because it is your responsibility NOT to have a messy house if it is your JOB to clean the house, and you have other people living in the house with you.

If you live alone, you can live however you want to. Providing, of course, the mess doesn't threaten the basic fire codes, and that it doesn't threaten others. Like, you can't collect trash that has food and stuff to where your apartment becomes the epicenter for a cockroach epidemic. That would mean that your messy house caused trouble for other people. So this is another example of how having a messy "house" would make you a bad person.

My mess is relegated to my area. It impacts no one other than myself. I do not subject guests to it. I do not have a pet. I do not have a child. I do not let it roll out into the areas that do see traffic from people other than me. I share an apartment with a roommate who is also messy, and does allow her mess to sprawl. Our messes do not mix. At all.

I do occasionally have to remind her when her mess obstructs something common... like being able to open the bathroom door because of the clothes she has left behind it, or stacks of boxes blocking a doorway (not hoarding levels, but like she came in, put the stacks down, and left). And sometimes, if it is particularly bad... she will feel bad about allowing her mess to obstruct things. So, my roommate proves on occasion that having a messy house does turn her into someone who does "bad" things. Not being able to use a stove or a sink for days because she uses every dish and plate in the house and stacks them all up in both sinks and across the counter.. and the stove can get stacked with her dirty pans. None of it will be from me. I wouldn't be able to cook a meal, without first having to do all her dishes and pans. Her mess has now made sharing an area difficult, and she feels bad... and cleans it up. Does it make her a bad person though? No. I don't think so.

She doesn't have any children, and she makes sure to change the litter box for her cat, and to feed and water her cat, and she doesn't let her mess interfere with the life and activity of the cat.

Are you asking if just the trait keeping a messy house is enough to label someone as a "bad" person? The only thing that keeping a messy house means, in relation to the word "bad" is that keeping a messy house means that you are a bad housekeeper. It doesn't automatically mean bad person. Bad Housekeeper? Yes. Bad Person? More details would be necessary for that.

I think it depends on how messy the house is.

I think it's OK to have a messy room (especially if you're someone who's more often outside). But having a messy house is a bit problematic. The reason being: a house is a place where you're supposed to be able to rest and relax.

You're supposed to feel refreshed after going home. A messy house not only makes it hard for guests to rest too, it could also affect your mood in a bad way.

Speaking in role playing game terms, instead of fully refilling your HP and MP, a messy house might only recover 30% of it, while also giving negative status effects in the process.

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