Is late night sleep good or bad?

When it comes to health benefits, late night sleep is highly destructive. Everyone should sleep on time, probably around 11 pm in night. A perfect night sleep, on the other hand, has numerous health benefits, some of which is enlisted below:

Does good to your Body

Sleep gives you a break from your stressful routine. It provides you with some time to carry out critical analysis and decide your priorities. There are scientific processes which are carried out when you are asleep including restoring of cells and muscles being rebuilt.

Acts as an organiser

While you are asleep, your brain carries out the task of de-cluttering all your events. It restores saves and segregates all the instances that occurred in due course of the day. If you are sleep deprived or do not take proper naps all the events may stay cluttered in your brain.

Stabilises your Mood

Ever tried going to work after a night out or when you have partied till the wee hours of morning? Your next day definitely might be not a cake walk because you tend to pick up fights or lose your temper on trivial issues.

A good night's sleep gives you an opportunity to relax and regulate your emotions. This makes it convenient to balance your emotions for the next day.

Weight Issues

Irregular sleep or negligible sleep can probably have undue effect on your body weight. There is high probability that you may either lose or gain lot of weight.

This happens as you get habitual to unhealthy diet and munch more on calories to avoid feeling sleepy.

If inadequate space in your home is the reason for your sleep troubles, loft conversion London can help you to design a comfy and cosy place for you. This will provide you sound sleep and help your maintain your health.

I am an architecture student and most of us dont sleep much during final submission time.

But, later I thought of changing or rather improving my schedule, and after changing it, I got some positive results.

It is alright to sleep late sometimes, but if you make it a habit, eventually you will end up with a messed up schedule! I am hereby saying on the basis of some of my experiments and results and 6 years of my conscious observations.

  • Sleeping late won't affect health if you regularly take 8 hrs sleep in 24hr schedule. I used to study during night, since it was comfortable time for me! I used to sleep at 4 am and directly used to wake up at noon like, 11–12 pm. But when I used to go home, I found my schedule completely abnormal, because when guests used to visit us and I would be sleeping till noon, and it was a very awkward situation for me. I realized this and decided to change my wake-up time.
  • But the real problem was not about sleeping time, but the duration! Since I had to attend morning lectures, I used to wake up at 7am in morning. But since i used to sleep 3–4 hrs a day only due to busy schedule, lot of responsibilities and stress, it started affecting to my health slowly! I almost lost 15kg from 70kg to 55kg. Although, I managed to do lot of things at same time, but anyway it affected my health and my friends made me realise the importance of health and thank god I changed my priorities from work to health.
  • This time, I decided to change schedule as well as making it efficient was the best decision, I took. I used to wake up at 7am, I had my breakfast, lunch, dinner at particular time everyday without skiping. And i found best results till the date, my anxiety, depression, stress reduced a lot. I feel more better and calm than I was before.
  • Now I use every second of my life without guilt of wasting. My schedule is more efficient than before, since I decided to prioritize things according to the situation and I think that is life!
  • And now I have come to conclusion that sleeping late is not a good habit, at least for me!

Hope this helps! If you still want to add something you are always welcome!

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