Is learning Turkish popular among Arab people?

Arab world is a broad term. There are more than 15 Arabic countries. But if you would compare popularity of Turkish and other foreign languages you would see it's not significant.

Many Algerians know French in a good level.

In Bahrain English is widely taught as second language.

Egyptians are also good at English and what i understood from my observations they do like French.

In Iraq Turkmans speak in a very close language to modern Turkish and because of business interests you can find many locals from other ethnic groups knowing Turkish.

Turkey has accepted more than 2 mln. refugees from Syria and now many of them know Turkish to some degree.

In UAE learning Turkish isn't famous either. etc...

However because of Turkish tv. series there are many people knowing some words

What is the best way to build muscle and strength in your arms?

What is the best way to build muscle and strength in your arms?First, let's get to one of the biggest questions when it comes to building arms: Are compound movements enough when it comes to arms training?The short answer is probably not. Some individuals have an easier time growing their arms size. They can grow

Is there racism against slavic people?

I believe there is what we could call racism towards Slavs.Such as in the USA there are what is known as Polish jokes and now on the internet there are the many Slavic memes. I am of Slavic descent and personally I enjoy Slavic jokes.Pewdiepie has a segment called

If a married man gets another woman pregnant, is his wife the child's stepmother?

No. No. No. (can you see me banging my head against a wall?) The wife of the man has been cheated on and will probably file for divorce. If the man marries the pregnant woman, divorces her, then marries somebody else, that woman will be the child's stepmother. A stepmother is a woman who marries a