Is life for everyone?

When you're choosing whether or not to go on, are you choosing to give up and let go or are you choosing to give up and hold in what's been hurting you for so long. When you try and tell yourself what it is and why you'd want to end life you're asking do I deserve life when I'm already living. But ironically you're already alive. And you already know you can live because you're alive. Why ask for less of yourself and hold in what's hurting you when you can let it go or talk about it and recognize you are alive and you deserve what you have because you are alive.

Life is.

The society we construct is most definitely not. Most people are misfits in the society we have and have different ways and works that society is not about that makes us all fit into one mold and live the same life.

Oxygen, and everything is all very much for everyone. But even things, like fun, entertainment, and marriage - a lot of people don't like these! These are all societal things.

Definitely not, if your quality of life is less than the life you currently have you always have the option to opt out.
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Why don't people express so often themselves, when they feel their true feeling of love?

Love is at times best expressed without words.True love persists without having the need to talk about it.At times its best left unsaid.Its all about understanding,it need not work out.But having faith that someday god will listen to your prayers,that love from the only person whom you had been longing for will ultimately come