Is life sad and useless?

"Is life sad and useless?" First of all, thank you for the A2A.

Life is different depending on each individual, meaning it has got many colors to every person.

  • Yes, to some people life is sad and useless ( like I said above, it totally depends upon a person ).
  • Life is so beautiful if you are that kind of a person who don't expect too much. Being thankful for every little that you possess.
  • To be self-sufficient is to be happy in life. And you will hear miseries only on the radio or television.

Is Life Sad? Most probably YES, considering the inevitable end (death) and related cases of pain, illness, disability, ugliness, dysfunctions, departures of the beloved ones and bad luck,just to mention a few. Is Life Useless? It is so, if we consider what we earn and/or achieve, it all eventually turns into dust. Somehow, life is a continuation of achievements and improvisations from one individual to another, from one culture to another, from one era to another. It gets any but "useless" in the long run. To explain that: We, people of today, are relying and benefiting of issues and solutions that are the yield of deceased and perished creators, inventors, scientists, artists ....etc. We are supposed to carry on so that next generations benefit like we are doing, not letting them starting from grassroots.

No, life is not sad or useless.

Life is a bitch and you know this bitch has lots of mood swings.

Sometimes it wants to love you, hold you and make you feel happy.

Sometimes it breaks you and makes you feel that it's not working out.

But instead of all these mood swings somewhere deep inside, you know that you want to live with this bitch and cherish it as it unfolds in front of you.

So, no life is not sad or useless. Life is your bitch and you gotta love your bitch.

Life is sad with all this horrible, unrealistic advice, like "think positive" or "life is what you make it."

Our choices only take us so far. Meanwhile, life consistently gives us an onslaught of abuse, and so many of these occurrences are beyond any measure of control.

Life will never be our self-made, self-serving fairy tale. If you do what you can and try to improve your lot in life and still find life meaningless and unrewarding, at least you fought an important battle. I know it's not much now, but over time your threshold for pain will increase.

As you keep fighting out of pride and respect for yourself, you'll be astonished at how strong and stoic you can become. Plus, maybe with enough people fighting for good, life will become less sad and useless.

Don't waste time consult psycatrist, thankful to god for present enjoyment & comfortables & make your self busy, better note to do list for tomorrow & write down your thoughts is best way to explain to doctor, also note down your present facing problems, even though you can't find solutions because in sadness person will be in confusion better I suggest you to form group of trustable friends & relatives then write down solutions or try with natural remedies like -drink turmeric powder with milk, pamkin seeds & tripula churana ( ayurveda) this keep mind calm & clear, hope you will find solution for sadness.

Written with personal experience.

Life is neutral. We have some capacity to create our own happiness and to make use of whatever situation we find ourselves in. Know what can be changed and whether the effort to make change is worth the results. There will be sadness and uselessness, but not all the time, and not beyond what you can bear. Only death is too much, and by then, you're beyond such concerns. Remember you can be happy in any temporary misery, and when the misery is over, rejoice.

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Stop watching Star Trek and start reading books on evolution. I recommend Richard Dawkin's books The Blind Watchmaker and his later book Climbing Mount Improbable. Also, books by Stephen Jay Gould and his essays in older issues of Natural History Magazine. Ask your local library if they have these if you can't afford to buy books.

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