Is life worth living without marriage?

A life is most definitely worth living without marriage.

Marriage is not necessary to be happy, indeed many times people spend their lives in unhappy marriages when they could be single and free to live their life how they want to.

When we think of marriage, we imagine the very best situation we can. We see a loving relationship between best friends with beautiful and happy children. Even when this is the case, people argue and have problems some of the time. Nobody's life is perfect.

But when you marry someone, you are making a commitment to someone for the rest of your life. Even if you are to divorce eventually, you are going into marriage believing it is for the rest of your life. This will sometimes feel like a prison when things are not going so well. You say goodbye to a lot of freedom in marriage. I cannot speak for myself, but I have seen at close range how married people can start to believe the grass is greener as a single person. Both men and women may have affairs to rekindle the original passion they had for each other and they may even not get found out, but they are living a lie. Financially, it is expensive, at least if you have children and you cannot just take off for a weekend break on a whim as there are other people to consider.

This is not to say there are many benefits to a good marriage but do not think that life is perfect one way or another. You are really the only one who can make yourself happy and when you truly realize this, you will place a lot less pressure on another person to make you happy. Make a decision to be happy and live this and you need never ask this question again.

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