Is living in nihilism living?

I think there is a certain wisdom in Harisha Bm's answer here: "Living always has a meaning, it's just that it's realised late." And I'm not talking about death-bed conversions.

Near the end one will think and feel about life in a more profound way than one is used to doing. I can never help believing there is an element of pose in much popular nihilistic thought. Life and death are serious, and these are not serious times.
Nihilism is a conception. It is possible to live in a conception. Being courageous enough to fulfill a life while dealing with the possible conclusion that there is only a glaring nothingness awaiting you on the other side is a manner of the highest strength; especially when that life is conducted in righteousness and philanthropy. Seems to me as one of the highest degrees of charity as well.
It might be helpful to get clear on what it means to be living.

If by living you just mean that definition that seems to depend on biological complexity and various smaller parts making a larger part that meets certain qualities (has input/output, reproduces, etc.) - then I don't see how a value system could affect this- perhaps a nihilist might argue the point that there are no such truth values of whether she or he is living, but the rest of us can plainly see she or he is by a more common or reasonable context.
What would happen if someone tried to murder a dead person, without knowing they were dead?

In general, a subjective mistake of fact does not operate to relieve one of criminal liability. The criminal law of attempt is one of objective intent, which means there must be some kind of externally-observable preparatory act or omission, in order to

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Because many herbal treatments are effective, even if they may be less effective than modern medicines that replaced them. For example, Uva Ursi is an effective herbal remedy for UTIs. It wasn't phased out until antibiotics became common. But Uva Ursi does require more care in its

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My most disturbing emotion was right after I signed for my time (7 yrs), in Morris County Texas. Quite a small county just a few miles along the 30 just south of Texarkana. As the court bailiff let me across the road to the jail, I looked into the frightened eyes of my wife, she was