Is losing 15 strands of hair per day normal, at the age of 15?

I bet you are not "losing" the strands.

Strands fall out all the time, but the follicles simply regrow a new strand each.

If you actually believe your hair is getting thinner, get it looked at by a professional.

First stop would be your Barbara. Ask if he or she thinks you have a problem. If the answer is no, don't worry. I shed a bit and had the same concerns you did. I am seventy two and still have my hair!

I remember (unwillingly) how messed up everything was at that time. Trust me, it does get easier.

Generally it's considered normal to lose as many as 100 strands of hair a day. To ease your mind a little take a strong magnifying glass and stand in front of a mirror or better yet just get a strong magnified mirror and take a good close look at your scalp. When you do chances are that what you will see is the actual pore that each hair grows out of. Now take a closer look right down at that pores (this is where the hair follicle is, the part of your body that actually grows and feeds the hair) that the hairs are growing from. What you will likely see is that some pores or follicles actually have more than one hair growing from them. What you will also likely see it that very many of these follicles will have a mature hair growing out of it and also a tiny shorter baby hair growing out of the same follicle. This tiny, short, baby hair is there to eventually replace the hair that has been there and is getting ready to fall out. So, at your age and even older it's very normal to lose 100 hairs a day because for almost every hair you lose there will be one ready to grow back in. Even if there isn't one already there growing alongside the existing one, when the existing one falls out chances are that the new one will be able to be seen only a few days after. Our bodies refresh themselves many, many times over the course of our lives and although we may not be able to grow a new arm if we lose one, we do produce hair to replace those that fall out and we do produce new skin to replace that which flakes off. I wouldn't worry about going bald at your age, at least not enough to cause yourself to be stressed out over it but rather just enough to take care of it like eating right and doing all the other things to protect your hair like wearing products with sunscreen and tying it up when it's windy outside or when you decide to ride a motorcycle. Good question, Madan.

This is kinda hard to answer. I have very thick hair and I probably lose 15 hairs in the shower. That's my normal. See, everybody sheds some hair every day. It's just a normal part of hair growth and death. Brushing too hard or pulling on knots can cause us to lose more hair. That's why using a wide tooth comb when wet or brushing hair from the bottom up is recommended

Did this hair loss just start?

Are you losing hair from all over or from one particular region?

Did you recently start or stop hormonal birth control?

Did you recently have a baby?

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