Is lucid dreaming dangerous?

My friends i would like to inform all of you that dreams and visons are not to be taken lightly...the bible highly speaks of them.

Since i was a kid i have been lucid dreaming and dint know that it was called lucid dreaming until last exprience with lucid dreaming has always been negative and evil and it only leads to something that will fill you with fear. Some may say you can control it and do this and do that and enjoy it and get the lucid dream into on and off mode at your will. It sounds good but, just to inform you the demonic world or the draker side of the spirit world are a masters of disguise and head of all lies like mentioned in the bible.

So i would suggest you not to try any of these stuff you will have a tough price to pay for it in the future like i did. Also if you are person who goes into lucid dreaming mode all by yourself..i mean like unknowingly then be informed that you have a greater purpose in life and the devil wants to fiddle with your spirit and weaken you or make you loose your purpose in life that what God is able to lead you into. So be alarmed with anything that has to touch your spirit. It is only God who should unite to us with his Spirit in our spirit.

Hence if you are a person practising such thing look for greater things in life...the devil is trying to tie a leash onto you casue he already knows what a great deal he will suffer if you come in the knowledge of what God has called you to be and its your birth right to be Sons of God and know the will for God for yourself. So go ahead and break this bond of virtual dreaming and being happy for it cause its a sweet trap....i know what i have suffered, from being able to rule your dream the devil will begin to rule your lives. So cover yourself with the full armour of God and stay protected in the blood of Jesus. Dont fall captives to things that is not permitted for the children of God. Also the devil knows that your mind in the awake state is not his playground cause you have total control of it thats why when deep sleep falls over you he prowls around you...think about it...not that im trying to scare you guys but its all my exprience that im putting out.

Lasty would like tell you that in my such dreams that comes to me..i have now begin my awakening and have been rebuking these sprits in the name of Jesus that make us go lucid make us do crazy things....and belive me they are Shit scared of the name of ‘J E S U S'. The moment i take his name they flee and these dreams end instantly also these dreams are just getting rare and like they are fading away, now i rarely get them....looks like the devil still wants to try his luck sometime but i make him flee in the name of Jesus.

Love and peace of Christ be with you all.


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