Is mathematics good for your brain? Which parts?

Mathematics is definitely good for my brain. I would argue that maths is good for all brains on many different levels:
  1. Avoid being ripped off in everyday life: how do you know you've been given the right change?
  2. Counting is pretty useful these days.
  3. Telling the time and doing basic time calculations in order to successfully attend meetings for business or pleasure.
  4. Abstract reasoning of all sorts.
  5. Rigorous reasoning of all sorts.
  6. Axiomatic analysis.
  7. Foundations of Logic.
  8. Games.
and so on.

Which parts may be either:
  • Primarily the Cerebral Cortex, if you mean physical parts of the brain; or
  • All parts, if you mean sub-areas of maths, although IMHO you can leave out lies, damn lies, and statistics which have a tendency to corrupt the brain!

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