Is meat on the bone better than meat off the bone?

I don't think that there has ever been any type of study to determine which is more flavorful, but I would say that the general consensus is that meat on the bone tastes better. Imagine a ribeye steak with a big bone across the back of it. As it cooks on the grill the protein strands tighten and squeeze out fat and moisture. It would stand to reason that the meat still connected to that bone will be less constricted and lose less fat and moisture. Since fat is flavor, maybe you're going to retain more. I would say that most people's palates wouldn't be able to distinguish and difference in taste, but there would be a difference in juiciness. A steak with a bone takes longer to cook and definitely holds in more moisture.

Have you ever seen a mouse in a fast food restaurant?

I used to work at a Burger King in an impoverished neighborhood. The kinda place where we had to regularly check underneath seats for needles and syringes.This BK was also next door to the transit center, where all the local busses started. You could find plenty

Has garlic gone bad if it turns purple?

Did your garlic start out white? There are some purple varieties of Allium sativum (see poster below). If it has turned another color, especially a really dark color, then it has gone through some major chemical changes including, possibly, decomposition. As Nigel Shake notes, moldy parts can be cut away but

Is smoking immediately after a meal dangerous?

I think the only facet of smoking after eating that makes it more dangerous than it already is, is that it ties the habit to a consistent act. This will make it more difficult to quit.Aside from the physical cravings, the habit of smoking has many acts that become habit in themselves and tie smoking back in.Consider