Is muscle size lost after steroids?

Yes. Please bear with me; this again started with some bullet points but hey, I actually am a writer:)

Whatever you brought with you you get to keep of course.

Then, of all the tissue you gained once you started to get on the gas, what you keep will be dependent on how long you were on and how long you maintained that size.

I did not say weight.

I said Size.

Guys shrink up and grow, shrink up and grow and in between cycles they desperately try to maintain WEIGHT and so they gain a pile of fat.

BUT, in between cycles their muscle size goes down significantly: so that does not count as maintaining muscle size.

Recap: I personally believe that the bigger your Muscle SIZE when you were on, and the longer you maintained it at full size while on the gas, you will be able to retain the ability to get bigger than normal again just through training.

Edit :

* except the wheels, you won't get your wheels back if you ever stop training them.

Over 40 dudes with leg development is basically a non-existant person (we are not talking about serial body augment or and freaks of nature like The Blade - Dexter Jackson.*

If you don't train at all, it will ALL go.

I have already done the experiment for you over the last 10 years.

I purposely let myself go to almost what I would call "twig" status just by not working out and keeping my carbs at a level that would allow my body go back to its "regular" weight while staying sub 10%bf. (see profile pictures series)

At one point a few years ago, I went and worked at a friends training center.

I had not really touched a weight for at least a year and working there meant I could do a workout whenever I wanted (its a functional, sport,mma/boxing and pro wrestling facility> Battle Arts Academy ) and so, I would do an upper body circuit of dips, chins, side laterals, close grip pushups off the dumbell rack, drag curls and tricep pressdowns and always finish off with some lat pumps.

Light circuits.

15–20lb dumbells and After a month, he (my friend) came back from on the road and when he saw me he came up and said "how many mig's?" and I was confused for a minute until I realised that I was probably about 20lb heavier than when he left and he thought I was doing steroids again.

See my profile was taken while I worked there. Doing stuff as easy as that, I can sit at 190 lb and be lean and have people start saying "hey big guy" etc. again, haha. Its 25 lb heavier than I would have been if I never worked out and never took any gear (according to my kin physiology prof from back in the day when we did all those anthropomorphic tests.)

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