Is my sleeping pattern bad?

You actually have the 5am waking habits of some very successful people.

Stop worrying about your friends and start thinking about what business you want to make your fortune in, because you are in very good company when you wake up!

29 Successful People Who Wake Up Really Early

No, I would say your sleep pattern is healthier than that of your friends'. You should sleep when you're tired, and rise just before the sun (sorry haven't got a reference for this but it's something to do with your body's circadian rhythms), and your schedule does this. Also I think you're getting the right amount of sleep for your age (again no reference but I think 15–16 year olds are meant to get about 9 hrs sleep).

How did Tesla manage to sell cars directly without dealers?

The answer is very simple: If you run a new company, you have to decide at one point how you want to sell your product. If you decide to set up a dealers network, you demand something from your dealers. They have to set up a show room, train mechanics, maybe put spare parts on stock and so

What is best lifestyle at the age of 50?

I met a guy in the gym a few months ago, and after a few short talks I asked him how old he was because he was such a good shape.I thought he was 40–42.He told me he was 52.My jaw dropped, I didn't believe it. He looks at least 10 years younger.To answer your question

If Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung, and Amazon ganged up on Apple and Verizon, what would happen?

It wouldn't be in anyone's best interests for any of the companies you mentioned to do that. Apple provides the technical advances and user interface paradigms that the other companies use to advance their own products.Google, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Facebook, and Verizon (as well as the