Is my sleeping pattern considered normal/acceptable?

No! It is neither normal nor acceptable. I think you can decide this in better way for yourself by just assessing how do you feel throught out the day. This sleeping pattern can affect your metabolism in a long run and it may make you feel stressed. again as you grow , you will have more responsibility and at one stage you require balance between your personal and professional life , which will be very difficult to achieve with this sleeping pattern. hope following links will help you

I feel sleepy and have fatigue during the day off despite of 6 hours of sleep

7 Health Consequences Of Going To Bed Past Midnight
I will tell you what really has helped me out with sleep. Acupuncture. If you live in the states there are various "community acupunture" clinics throughout. This means you pay between $15-30 a session ( you choose what to pay on that sliding scale ) and treatment is not nearly as expensive as going to a doctor ( $ 50 a session ).

You have to go consistently as certain points in your body get blocked again and acupuncture helps to unblock those vital points.
Sounds like a college sleep schedule. If you feel healthy and you're taking care of business, as you should, you got no worries.
What's a good gift for a teenage girl age 15-20 under $50?

A giftcard, either one of those VISA ones that could be used anywhere, or if you know she shops at a certain store than even just $25 to there would be appreciated. Most teen and young adult women drink coffee, so a

How to find cell phone number by name

Finding a phone number by only name it will take a lot time .If you know the following info then it will be very easy to get the number.The person is on social networking sites.The person lives in which state or the number issued from which state.The telecom company of that number.The person

What are some interesting data science projects for beginners?

Kaggle is your friend.Sign up and try any of their competitions. I would suggest starting with the Titanic competition or something like that to first familiarize yourself with the following concepts:EDAImputationModel trainingModel evaluationetc.