Is narcissistic personality disorder rare?

I'm working to be professional about this answer.

NO,Npd is NOT a rare disorder.Over a span of decades,now,it's grown to be very common,from epidemic over to PANDEMIC.This is why YouTube,and over plentious of other websites carry major articles or videos ,concerning Npd.

Wether or NOT a clinican rates these persons as SUBclinical or CLINICAL,they are NOT into anything resembling a health-sion-ship.They specialize in (1) Hostage ships(2) manipulation ships(3) Control manships(4) Exploitation ships, mark my judgements,you will be EMOTIONALLY exploited.(5) Decieve sion ships is another ugly aspect to all of this.Then theres the little problem of (6) Torture sion ships.The list can grow onward.

They are highly capable of giving you a medically diagnosable mental disorder,which previously did NOT exist,prior to becoming involved with the Npd.

It keeps getting more common.

It's a Hugh public health crisis.

Healthy regards, randalljoe

If I weigh 261 pounds and I eat 800-1000 calories a day will I lose weight?

Try hitting for at least 800 calories a day, while keeping sugar intake as low as possible, meaning if it's over 30g of sugar, then hold back on fizzy drinks, random snack binges, or anything with high sugar content. If you wish to go for a low sugar route diet, go for high protein diets.

Does running in a weighted vest help with speed and endurance?

We do this sometimes at rugby but really only as a way to add resistance if we are doing an down-up at the end of sprint intervals, or when doing blinds etc as a way to increase the load in an attempt to improve power output.I would probably liken it to running distance with

How should I train before a 2-week vacation to preserve muscular strength and mass?

Good question. This is thoroughly covered in the book "Superior Muscle Growth". I am planning a 3 week vacation myself, so it applies to me as much as you.Planned breaks are an important (and often ignored) part of lifting. They are necessary and beneficial from time to time. It helps