Is never drinking alcohol beneficial?

When I was 18, on the first night I drank whiskey, I drank so much (encouraged by my college friends ) that I was brought to the hospital and would have died of alcohol poisoning without their attention. I decided when I woke up in the hospital to never drink distilled beverages again. I am now 56 years old, and I think this was the best decision of my life. I occasionally have a glass of wine or one beer, but usually don't finish it. I don't enjoy the effects of alcohol, and never miss them. I am basically healthy, and still participate in things like festivals, Burning Man regionals, and go out to open mics at bars, and just don't drink. Please please, stick to your commitment. You will be healthier, live longer, think better, and never regret a sober life.

What is so good about horror movies?

Horror movies are often not AAA, and can still be of excellent quality. Creative freedom can be put to better use because horror and its intent; to scare people, are so diverse it's relatively easy to come up with. It's like chess, easy to do,

Where is the Hulk in the Avengers: Endgame trailer?

Well, the Hulk is wherever he goes when Banner is in control. He's back inside Banner's mind. So, in the scenes of the trailer that contained Banner, we were also seeing Hulk, just, not physically.They're likely going to show Hulk in a

What should I do for a work in NASA?

The main thing you need is an American Citizenship. You obviously have different ways of getting this. Many of such ways include getting a Green Card through work, love, and birth in the United States. Once you get your Green Card, you must wait 5 years to get your citizenship. This is surely a long process