Is now the right time to buy a Maruti Suzuki?

As per as satta market is concerned, one will be advised to stay away as its price is too high to buy. Market sentimeter will show its guage accordingly. My point of view about market, never play a satta (gamble) on stocks. Always do investments in good companies for long term to gain good return. Now talking about the Maruti Suzuki, its one of the best and refined company in auto sector. One of the leaders owing 51% in indian market. If you check its balance sheet, you will definitely be amuse to find such an excellent stock to invest. I think the company has a potential and it will reach to 1200. If you want to buy, then buy and if already bought, then hold. Remember, always opt for doing investments not gamble. Thanks for reading.

I am not diverting you from MS. But please prefer a safer car than MS.

MS know that Indians mostly wants mileage, so they show almost impossible mileage figures. No wonder they sell more than 70k cars in a month without giving any extraordinary feature in their car.

then people think about resale value. How many of them sell and own a second car. and the difference in resale value is not that much after 5 years. But you would have enjoyed a safer car with your dear ones.

No doubt, MS provides a better service network, but if you are in a big city, service shouldn't be an issue.

You have stronger and proven Toyota, VW, TATA

Yes 100 percent it is safe. India moves on Maruti Suzuki. It's a great company. In the automobile sector, they are the only company in the whole world who have delivered excellent returns. But I think this is not the right time to get into Maruti Suzuki. It's better to wait for a correction.

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