Is outer space noisy?

Nope, it is 100% silent!

If you (for whatever, peculiar reason) decided to leave your space station with simply the clothes on your back, and had your bare ears exposed to space- you would be met with silence.

You might hear your ear drums pop, but other than that there is no audio because there is no medium (like air, water or ground) for it to travel through.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean space doesn't make noise. Objects like the Sun, Mars, our moon and even our Planet make noise in the form of radio waves and other methods. And believe me, the sound of the Sun is something pretty spooky.

Search that video up on YouTube :)

What would the world be like if Nazi Germany had never lost the war?

I found this answer in another question on Quora. Not realistic, but very interesting, so I thought I'd copy-paste it. (I had already saved this answer) 1943: Manstein and his Panzer Division break the Soviet encirclement of Paulus and his 6th Army. Stalingrad is then captured by Paulus who is promoted to Field

Is it bad to consider someone an older sister despite no blood relationship?

I have an older sister and a younger one neither of whom are blood relatives. Both are invaluable in my life and both I would put my life eon the line to defend, so it is not bad at all. Family is what you make of it and that is not just

Who would win, Broly vs Jiren?

I still to this day do not understand what DBZ fans fascination with Broly is.They think because he is the legendary super saiyan that somehow makes him as strong as gods.Well here comes the reality check: Broly is really weak compared to anyone after the Cell saga. And