Is pre-ordering Tesla Model 3 a good investment?

If he has the time or opportunity, have him fly to Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, and take a taxi from there to the city center, and then call another one to go the reverse direction. Nearly the entirety of Schiphol's taxi fleet is Tesla Model S cars, and has been for nearly three years, now.

Nope, Tesla or not- cars are terrible investments.

All cars loose their value the moment you drive them off the dealer's (or showroom's) lot to the tune of 15%–40%!

If someone is trying to sell you an investment that loses 15%–40% of its value in a day, do me a favor and run far, far away from that person unless you are in a casino and are willingly giving the mobster owners your hard earned cash.

The only "value" a car has is for its "utility" and you might add "fun factor" if you insist.

Now if you are asking whether a Tesla Model 3 is a "better buy" vs similar gasoline cars, i am going to ask you to consider a few things first:

  • Do you have a cool $57,000 in cash laying around? (that's what the thing costs without all the rebate BS not everyone qualifies for, taxes and fees)
  • If no, can you afford to pay off the $57,000 plus interest in about 3–5 years? (longer terms means you risk tech obsolescence and not the software kind - sorry Elon Fan Boys - there are some things "air updates" can't fix!)
  • Tesla's aren't "green" or more green than gasoline cars! If you bought into that notion you have been royally duped! The majority of electricity in the United States comes from burning coal. BURNING COAL = not better than burning gasoline. Also manufacturing batteries and battery acid= not green. Tesla's have lots of batteries and battery acid.
  • Are you ok with potentially dying in an inferno if you crash the tesla? They blow up when there is a severe crash. Sure, gasoline cars have that too but the risk is significantly lower as the gas tank is strategically placed in the rear of the car vs in the tesla, the battery pack is basically the entire vehicle floor.
  • Do you realize the batteries degrade over time? The Lithium ion batteries that a Tesla has is no different than the batteries in your laptop or your TV remote.
  • Are you willing to put up with charging the oversized toy car? (that's really what it is - no sorry, reality distortion field victims - it isn't a futuristic human transport pod enabling sustainable green living for earth and mars LOL) which brings me to my next point:
  • Are you just an Elon Musk Fan Boy? (its mostly boys - sorry feminists this isn't meant to be a PC thing) and got sucked into Elon's reality vs real reality?
  • Do you realize Tesla's loose acceleration and reduce their performance as the batteries loose their charge? (A 100% charged Tesla accelerates quicker vs one that has less than 20% charge for example). Gasoline cars have a constant power band - you run out of fuel and the engine stops - an EV on the other hand looses power slowly as the battery is depleted. Like i said - its a glorified toy car!
  • Are you willing to make visiting a rest area when taking longer trips into a picnic? Because you will be there for a while when the Tesla is getting charged, yes even with the superchargers - they take 20 minutes to charge to 50%, 40 minutes to charge to 80%, and 75 minutes to 100%.
  • Do you have a home with a car garage with an outlet or a very long extension cable for charging, or do you live in an apartment that offers EV charging? Is the charging free? How much does it cost?
  • Do you have super charger stations around where you live?
  • Do you realize some of the luxury brands are now or are soon going to offer electric vehicles? I test drove the BMW ActiveE prototype - it was pretty awesome! The i8 looks pretty sick as well!
  • Were you going to buy a luxury sedan such as an Audi A8/S8, BMW 3 or 5 etc anyway and were thinking of going EV?
  • Have you researched what to do when the thing breaks down? Who you gon' call? Ghost busters? (Sorry I just had to! ). But seriously - you can't take the thing to a regular dealer I am assuming so where do you get it serviced?

In summary, 57 grand seems a bit steep for a car (EV or not) and I would think twice before making that purchase. Always research as much as possible when buying high priced items and just to reiterate- buying a Tesla or any other car is NOT A GOOD INVESTMENT as they loose significant value over time.

It's not an investment - it is the first step of purchasing the car.

Aside from some collector cars, a car is not an investment - it is a depreciating asset. You buy it for what you get out of it, not because it is a good investment.

Personally, I do not intend to have a non-EV as a daily driver ever again, and right now I don't see anyone producing an EV I will prefer to Tesla - they just don't even want to produce the car I want. That may change, though.

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