Is 'smart car' the cheapest car in the USA?

Not by a long shot--and it's not really a smart car. The bottom of the line Smart Car starts at around $15,000 without any options, only gets 31 city/39 highway and requires preminum fuel. The Nissan Versa base model starts at $12,000, gets the same MPG but it can carry 4 people and has a decent-sized trunk. It also uses regular gas. Spend a little more and you can get a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Civic--much better REAL cars. The Smart Car is essentially a joke.

Why do narcissists become high school teachers?

Every teacher I've ever worked with had narcissistic tendencies of one sort or another (I include myself here).The worst are the ones that teach as some sort of social kindness. I teach to share knowledge. I don't teach to make myself virtuous.Where the true clinical narcicists are exposed is in

How important is it to send your kids to college?

Our sons had one prime directive:Move out at age 18And they had these offers:Come to us with a reasonable plan and we will assist you in getting your college bachelors degreeEnlist in the militaryDo something else with an excellent plan and Good LuckThey both did option one (attend college with an excellent

Which is the best website to provide best Indian Fitness Tips?

Hi,There are lot of website now a days for fitness which infinite as fitness is on the height of peak now a days everybody wants to be fit and with 6 pack abs.As the coin have two sides even fitness have lot of myths around it self.So my experience and suggestion do not go with