Is smoking unfiltered cigarettes significantly worse for your health than smoking filtered cigarettes?

No. Filters don't really affect your health, except in possibly negative ways, which others have mentioned.

Filters were really invented to get ladies to smoke cigarettes. Ladies did not care for the fact that their fingers would become yellow from the smoke, nor did they enjoy getting tobacco in their mouth, which made it necessary to spit. Spitting is not very lady-like behavior!

The choice for ladies with a little class back then was, carrying around a cigarette holder, (you've seen them in old movies), or not smoking. Cigarette holders needed to be cleaned, and they stank up your purse. Filter tips eliminated this problem. They functioned as disposable cigarette holders. Who cares if you get lipstick on that?

What's the best way to work up to a one armed chin up?

In order to build the strength to perform one arm chinups you have to focus your efforts towards a strength based progression. That means instead of performing high rep unweighted chinups; start doing them weighted.If you progressively build up the strength to

How to recover my Facebook email account if someone change my password without losing my Facebook account

Hi,If you had also linked up your mobile number to that particular account you can recover access to the social networking account by reset your password option or by clicking on the forgot password link at the login page.You may have to provide the verification code

How many crunches should one do for a fat belly?

if you ask a gym-bro he would suggest around 100, 200, 300, probably 500 or more, which is ridiculous and will not be helping at all.your question sounds to me like asking how many reps of biceps curl should i do to get Arnold Schwarzenegger like biceps.crunches will only make your abdominal muscles