Is social media making us more connected?

There are two sides of this story.

The first is that: no, social media is only making you more disconnected because we don't talk to each other.

Then, there's the other side of the story.

And I would argue that social media is doing just that - making us more connected.

Think about it:

Back in the days, you only spoke to the people in your village and the people closest to you.

Fast forward some years and you could start sending letters to people, but who would you send letters to? You know no-one! And secondly, it took an insane amount of time.

Today, you can contact people from all around the world in a matter of seconds with the help of social media! If that isn't the definition of making the world smaller, making us more connected with people from the other side of the world, and giving us a greater understanding of other people, I don't know what does.

Of course!

But when you say connected, do you mean so we can talk, or so we can learn about news and events?

‘Social Media' is the 21st centuries answer to global conversation, but we've always had something similar. Thousands of years ago it was just a messenger on a boat travelling the seas to relay a command. Jump forward to 1945 and it was morse code. The subjects, purpose and tools just changed a little.

But if we dive more into how the world is connected, you could argue that we're beginning to step back. I've noticed more and more friends deleting their Facebook because they "prefer to look at videos and pictures which you can do on Pinterest and Intagram without having to interact with anyone". (No one got cyber-bullied on Pinterest!)

Back when I was a kid in the early 90's, you had to call your mates Mum to see if he could come out. You picked a time in the afternoon to play and you stuck to it. You agreed on a specific location for lunch at school. We were connected way more through a human element, which I believe has disappeared thanks to your cellphone.

So yes, it is making us more connected, but not in a good way I believe (as much as Mark Zuckerberg would like to disagree).

We believe social media is actually connecting people.

There has been a trend of online communities forming on all parts of the internet for everything.

If you are looking for an online support group, it will be hard to find a community as good as the Artidote.

There is a global community called "Book Fairies" that allows you to hide a book for someone from the community to find and read and then leave it for someone else.

There is a community for women called POPxo, which lets group members to ask questions regarding anything related to women.

Quora itself can be a good example, where people ask their queries and they get answered by others all over the world.

Hope you find this answer satisfactory.



I don't know if it's social media as much as the Internet and data. The social platforms (let's not forget email and search too) help us know what each other is thinking and allows us to communicate in ways my parents and grandparents never could. But I think the bigger force that's reshaping society is the amount of data that we now know about each other, and our planet, and how we choose to interpret that.

So, we may find we have so many more things in common than we think because of the data generated from the social networks, search, and the Internet of Things for example, and that can help us be more connected as a species on this planet.

But I wouldn't just credit social media for making this possible.

I think that the main purpose of social media is to establish connections. Nowadays, we can access different kinds of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, without any problems. Thus, we can establish connections with others as well as share and exchange different information and data. Another benefit is that people from different corners of the world can communicate with each other without even meeting in person. That's why, in my opinion, social media is the easiest modern way to get to know and stay connected with the person.

I think that is an interesting question. I have been doing social media marketing for 15 years. In a way, I think that it brings us more connectivity because we can connect with more like minded people all across the globe and that is an incredibly rich experience. However, the flip side is that people don't have as many in person rich conversations as they have in the past. And so even though we are more connected, in a way we are NOT as deeply connected. So people tend to feel more lonely. IN our social media connections we tend to build tribes with groups and encourage deep engagement and support. Connect deeper with me in our Facebook group.

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