Is software engineering still a better career than data science?

Machine learning engineers are software engineers.

In the real world it's one in the same.

I program in Python and SQL all day.

Do I make more than most other software engineers? Oh yes.

If you want to get a good read on a career... stay away from articles in any mag and do a job search on indeed.

The idea that there's a saturation point in this field is laughable.

There will never be an over saturation in machine learning or data science.

Yes, the salaries may level off but if you're good at what you do and you are constantly honing your skills you'll be in demand.

Both Software Engineering as well as Data Science will be there in the market even after a decade or two.

I guess what you are talking about here is career perspective based on the technology hype. Gartner's hype cycle is on of the best resources to answer that. If you see the 2014 hype cycle graph below. You will see Data Science is reaching the peak and is on the edge of "Innovation Trigger", it is the same place where Big Data was couple of years back. So, yes in couple of years data science will be on the dip but thats not all. It in no way means that its a bad choice of career, it is more like the hype will settle down and field will saturate.

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Move your cursor to the end of the last word on last page you want to keep, then hit Ctrl+Shift+End then Delete key. All pages after the current page will be deleted.Click on ¶ to make hidden characters visible. Go to the page before the one you want to delete and delete page break. It

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I did, and I find its not as bad as people say it is.I'm a swimmer, and there truly aren't many great waterproof fitness trackers, and although there is a FitBit that can track swimming, the $100–200 difference in price didn't make it worth sacrificing all of the other functions of the Apple Watch.

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The first pillows invented weren't very comfortable either. Pharaoh's of Egypt were buried with pillows in their tombs made out of wood, with curvature cut out that would fit their heads and neck.