Is sport hunting cruel?

That picture? That is illegal! You can't lawfully kill a 5 month old deer!!! So it's not a valid picture for the argument! Lawful sport hunting isn't cruel. Here's why:

Have you ever been hunting? I  assume not. Almost every non-hunter seems to think that it's killing  "innocent animals" that's the fun part. That is horribly wrong! I cried  the first deer I killed! I don't like "murdering animals", but I like  hunting. When you kill legal amounts of animals, you are helping  everyone. And I find it more fun to do anything if you're helping  someone in the process.

For  example: If you go deer hunting in season, and you kill one deer, and  the bag limit is three, you are doing many good things. One: The bag  limit is changed, as well as the season-length every year. That's  because the government is constantly monitoring local game population,  and changing it to how it would benefit all. So by legally hunting, you  are keeping population in check.

Now you may be thinking: "Who would want less deer in the world!?".

Well,  the deer, for a start! Imagine if you lived in a futuristic setting,  where you were forced by your government to live with another family  inside your home!!! That would be terrible! That means, you share the  food, the rooms and space, and everything! Now imagine that, but in the  1700's or earlier. DISEASE! You don't have proper sanitation, or medical  techniques, or efficient farming techniques, and so everyone either  dies of sickness or starvation, and people would go nearly extinct. That  is not a good thing. XD

It's  the same with deer! They live to breed, and they don't (so far as we  know.) have the brains for conservation, and they will breed themselves  to extinction.

Also, people! Guess what the number one killer animal in America is. Guess.


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