Is swimming the best method to heal muscle injuries?

I wouldnt say the best is low impact but high stress because you have alot of resistance. I would just start with low weight low resistance training depending on how severe the muscle injury is. Just going by my experience. Ive had some seriously torn muscles and major sports injuries. Ive also had minor strains and pulls where i think swimming and water resistance are suitable for but i am in no way a doctor or therapist. Just going by my experiences. Remember, water is very heavy.
What are some strategies for getting the 'six pack abbs' for a busy man?

Well definitely your diet but that's obvious. Perhaps look into forms of fasting as that's an amazing method of fat loss in my experience. Because that's all it is essentially, burning fat until your abdominals are visible. It would also be very important to perfect your posture since your abdominals take over all stabilization when this is done. Most

What are jobs which people can do over the next 20 years (2020s/2030s) which won't be replaced by computer automation?

a2a. The primary motivations for developing any tool are either to reduce cost (and garner a portion of the savings) or accomplish something impossible without the tool (and profit from leading a new market). Your question is primarily about the first aspect, but the second aspect

Can a cigarette smoker exercise at a gym?

Statutory warning on cigarette packets has done little to prevent addicted people from practicing this deadly habit, which leads to cancer and many other respiratory diseases.Although many consider celebrities as their role models, they should not imitate their bad habits.