Is technology now alien technology?

No. All definitions of the term "alien" have one thing in common. This is that the thing or person being called "alien" is from or belongs somewhere else. If the technology in question is our technology, then it's not alien to us.

As an example, the silicon transistor chip was invented in 1961 by two American electrical engineers, Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce. Since this technology was invented on Earth in America, it's not alien. But let's say, for sake of fancy, that we actually discovered the silicon transistor chip in 1948 in a crashed flying saucer that came to Earth from a distant solar system. In that case and at that time, the silicon transistor chip would in fact be alien technology. However after all these years, we now have silicon chips in almost everything. So even if the silicon chip had originally come from outer space, it's now very common Earth technology and should likely no longer be considered as alien.

But just like those smart guys, Kilby and Noyce, all our real-world technology was invented by people here on good ol' Earth and we usually know who they were and when they invented the stuff. So that doesn't leave much room for speculations about any of our modern technology coming from other-world sources.

We often forget that people are, and always have been, very smart and very resourceful. We built the pyramids in Egypt and Mexico, and we built the first silicon chips and the Apollo spacecraft that went to the moon. We never needed alien help to do any of the great things we did in the past and we don't need them for the stuff we have today. God gave us everything we need to accomplish whatever our hearts can imagine. That's why it's so important that we always have good hearts if we can.

Arthur C. Clarke famously said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, but perhaps we could add that it's also indistinguishable from alien technology. If you took someone from 2,000 years ago and dropped them in the middle of Times Square, it would all be alien to them. So in that respect, it's a matter of perspective.

As to whether the technology that we use now was given to us by aliens, I doubt it. For a start, you can look back at history and look at how technology has slowly developed over time.

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