Is the 1986 movie Aliens much scarier than the 1979 movie Alien? I have seen Alien.

Alien is a horror film. It should be scary as it is essentially a haunted house in space. The movie Aliens on the other hand is a straight up sci-fi action extravaganza. It is directed by Jim Cameron who cut his teeth making sci-fi action movies like the Terminator. There may be one or two intense scenes in there but nothing along the tenseness that was Alien.

It's way less scary than the original. Very enjoyable in its own right, though I have always resented they turned those mysterious creatures into ants, basically. But Mr. Cameron pulled it off brilliantly anyway. The only scare I got from Aliens when I watched it in the cinema was the (for its time) awesome sound effects. Made me jump a couple of times! I think it won the Oscar in that category, actually.

No, Aliens is an action movie. The enemy is the Aliens.

Alien is scarier than Aliens, just like Terminator is scarier than its sequel.

In both franchises, the first is a small scale, scary horror-scifi, while the second is a larger-scale action-scifi movie based on it.

And all four movies are fucking amazing!

Could we travel at or faster than the speed of light using a warp drive?

Theoretically, yes but how much faster, is strictly theoretical.  As the founder of the first warp drive development program (not based on the abandoned Alcubierre model) it is our position that only experiment will determine this, and based on our current schedule, we hope to test

Considering the overwhelming size of the universe, isn't it mathematically impossible (if not egotistical) to think we are alone and that no advanced alien races exist?

Yes, we know that there are billions (and billions....) of galaxies, and billions of stars in each galaxy, and that planets are very common and may be associated with MOST stars and so there are many, many billions of planets.A fairly high percentage of these planets are potentially habitable. They are in the

How long would it take to travel a light year at the speed of light?

As one light year is the distance covered by light in one year. Then at the speed of light that distance would take one year to travel.Whether that could actually be a reality is still up for debate. Like are you going as fast as light,