Is the TV show Shameless worth watching?

I've seen the first season of the UK version and the first couple episodes of the US version. If you like television, I think it's definitely worth watching at least the first couple episodes of either version. The show is different than most other shows so there's a decent chance that you might find it refreshing and new. There are also some excellent performances in both versions, including an early James McAvoy lead performance in the original UK version. As a bonus, if you're really into television writing, I think the pilot episode has an interesting structure to it in how they allocate screen time among the characters.

My guess is that if you're really into complicated plots or shows that focus more on career machinations or world events, then you won't be as into this show. Shameless- at least what I‘ve seen of it- is mainly about family with lots of the subplots following characters in their teens or early twenties.

It really depends on your taste, but me personally I like it. It's interesting to see this down on the dumps, poor, broken and dysfunctional family and how they pool together to survive life. Sometimes they're amazingly smart and ingenious about how they navigate their challenges, but somethings things are just shit and you just need to get through it any way you can. If you're easily offended or shocked by things that don't necessary go under the "proper and nice" column... then maybe you should stay away from this one.

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