Is the fitness industry saturated?

Saturated in what though? There are a variety of ways to interpret this question. Are you asking about personal trainers? Nutrition specialists? Yoga instructors? Club managers? Club trainers? Club owners? Disabled trainers? Senior trainers? Youth trainers? Specialized trainers? Overweight people? Underweight people? Health fanatics? Competitors? Brand ambassadors? The list is virtually endless. There are so many avenues in the "fitness industry" to really answer your question. Is there a specific section about the fitness industry that you are inquiring about? Such as are there too many personal trainers already in the fitness industry to where one should not attempt it as a career path? Or are there enough clients in the fitness industry to allow more growth for new or unique clubs? What about saturation in the fitness world are you needing to know?

Who will be happier after marriage, one who has a girlfriend/boyfriend before marriage or one who remains single before marriage?

It depends. It depends on the person. If the person is able to accept the new life, responsibilities along with his daily routine, which includes his work and other social meetings, he or she will be happy.And moreover, happiness is like the changing weathers. One must know that reality and reelity is different.

How hard is it for a divorced woman to get married again?

This question has me contemplating another question altogether: Why is it a woman would wish to marry again after a divorce? Is it a hole she wants to fill? Is it financial? Is it loneliness? Remarrying may seem like the quickest fix for all of these, but it's not

What is the best motivation for exercising and living a healthy life?

1. Start doing and stop thinking about doing. After a couple of weeks, the results motivate you.2. Make some friends who have similar goals, and you can push each other to be better.3. After you wake up every morning, set a few small goals for yourself. And just before you hit the bed at night, go