Is the flat earth society serious?

The answer to whether it is a joke or not, is found in the "General Information" section of the website's forum:

"This site is not a joke. We are actively promoting the Flat Earth Movement worldwide. There are, admittedly, several non-serious flat earth posters, but they are fairly easy to identify."

Also, here is a brief interview with Daniel Shenton, President of the Flat Earth Society where he insists it is not a joke:

I have been a member of The Flat Earth Society for over two years. I joined it on a lark, thought it might good for laugh and they promised a t-shirt.

Except for not getting the t-shirt, I haven't been disappointed. I did get some good laughs. Plus I have re-learned a lot of the science I first learned a long time ago.

Like all things flat earth, there is no united answer to your question. The FES of course states the web site is serious. Some FE youtubers do not agree. I have read online that many think that the FES is a "controlled opposition". That the FES is on the side of the government conspiracy and are supposed to provide disinformation which actually works against the true flat earth believers.

Many of the people who post on the FES are REtards (Round Earth tards, as they have lovingly named us). Others are iffy about actually believing in a flat earth.

There are some that profess to be strong in their flat earth beliefs. Are they serious? How do you really know?

One thing that all the pseudo-science FEs have in common is that they profess to be on a search for the truth. If you really wanted to seek the truth, you would take an adventure tour to Antarctica in December. If the sun goes down while you are there, you might be on to something. If you see 24 hours of daylight while there, your flat earth is dead.

So that's not gonna happen...

There is a growing suspicion that it is not at all serious in that they don't actually believe in a flat Earth, but that the whole exercise is an experiment in though-control and the methodology of how to influence people to believe whatever one wishes. Bear with me, I am not a conspiracy theorist but admittedly what I'm writing here is a conspiracy theory about a conspiracy theory and I don't pretend to purport a view as to whether its true or not. Some of the contributors here on this site have begun to recognise that those who run the flat Earth societies do not themselves believe in a flat Earth. Of all the crazy theories out there a flat Earth has to be the most outlandish and easiest to disprove. So why do it ?

The theory is that it is an experiment - whoever is doing this is investigating ways in which they can convince otherwise rational human beings to believe insane nonsensical notions. They are investigating methods of presenting false information, discrediting scientific fact and of course stirring people's paranoia. This has happened before and is happening right now - it is a fact that the majority of FOX News viewers believed that WMD were found in Iraq after the invasion in 2003, how did that come to be ?

"Some conspiracy theorists take it farther. What if all the flat-Earth talk is a big psychological experiment to see what we humans will believe in an era in which sizable groups already go against scientific consensus on vaccines, evolution and climate change?"

Check this out:

Every thing is related to gravity, this is what flat earth society has to Say about gravity they simply omit gravity because they do not have anything to prove. I went to all pages, there is no formula (Newton's formula for gravity is tried & tested), there are no images, there are no experimental evidences.

There are 20,000 Satellites in earth's orbit, and they are providing Accurate gps, weather & communication information. They all work on round earth concept. for a minute, if l think its conspiracy by NASA, then how come google maps give accurate gps all around the world.

Flat Earth itself is a conspiracy and Some people would do anything to get recognition in media.

The world is vast and people believe much that others think preposterous.

Studying the arguments of  these "outsiders" can be highly educational.

"Lunatic fringe" is easy to say, and useless as an argument.

How do we know  the earth is not flat? Well? How do *you* know? Or are you just accepting what you have been told?

Being able to answer questions like this *without reliance on authority* is actually difficult. We all rely on authority to some extent, often without being aware of it.

Frankly, if I don't rely on authority, I have only inference that I was born. Maybe it's all a crock.

So what do I know about the shape of the earth? Have I ever measured the size of the earth? (It's actually not difficult, but few have done it), methods were known to the ancients?

What arguments are advanced by the Flat-Earthers? Are they simply crazy?

Or are the "believers," like those they criticize, just merely believing in something different?

There is an enormous stack of evidence that the Earth is not flat. So why do the Flat Earthers not accept it? What stops them?

If this is sincere, as it claims to be, what experimental evidence would be needed to change their minds, or, in the other direction, to show the rest of us the errors in our thinking? Or is Flat Earth a model, that can be tweaked as necessary to explain everything? Ptolemaic astronomy did quite well for a long time, predicting planetary movements.

Occam's Razor is not, after all, a law of physics. Maybe the Truth is Really Friggin' Complicated.

This kind of thinking, this kind of inquiry, is necessary to explore the boundaries of science.

The arguments of the Flat Earthers may or may not be of interest to us, and that's all a personal choice. We do not need to prove everything, we choose what to trust and what not to trust, and, no matter what we choose, we will all die.

At least I think so.

Is everything we see is God or we insult God by believing everything as God?

yes we defame god by saying god is everywhere. only Maya or sin (lust anger greed attachment and ego) is everywhere. But we can connect with god and get blessings from him through thoughts everywhere and anywhere. God exists in soul world , he comes to see

In which year was the Internet invented?

Arpanet established the internet protocols around 1969. It was to protect the communication integrity in the event of a nuclear war. It automatically rerouted traffic using routers. TCP/IP was the accepted protocol. Arpanet was disbanded in 1990

What do you believe in most?

Nothing is permanent in this world I repeat NOTHING.Neither your happiness nor your sorrows not even a materialistic thing will remain permanently with you.Not your feelings will remain same for any individual, whom you like today you might hate them tomorrow so attach yourself to anybody within limits because it is also possible