Is the longest day of the year in a city necessarily equal in length to its longest night?

Not quite. In Mexico City, for example, the length of the longest day, calculated from sunrise to sunset, is 13 hours and 18 minutes, while the length of the longest night by this same measure is 13 hours and 3 minutes.

The reason for this is that, at any given moment, the sun is actually visible from slightly over half of the Earth's surface thanks to atmospheric refraction. In addition, there is before and after sunrise and sunset a period of twilight in which light scattered in the atmosphere continues to be visible, so that the period of true darkness is often considerably shorter than the period of daylight.

Which should I choose, fat loss or muscle building?

Hi . I think I can answer this question for you. I was around 140 Kgs, after that, I stopped measuring my weight. I lost more than 60 kg in around 5-6 months or so thanks to rigorous workout routine and strict dieting. I only did cardio and

How much weight will I lose if I eat 500 calories a day and go to the gym 5 times a week for an hour?

Actually after the first few days you won't lose much if any. At that level the body goes into starvation mode and starts shutting down body processes to try to protect the vital functions, e.g. the heart and breathing. Continue and you set yourself up nicely for serious damage much of which

Why is Alia Bhatt hot?

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