Is the movie Gattica a hopeful movie and if so, who in this real world would it be offering hope to?

Interesting question, I show this movie to my high school students. It exemplifies how far we can go (possibly) with genomics. It also shows how new classes can be born, not necessarily for the better.  Humans have employed artificial selection in our domestic animals since Mesopotamia.

Something most people don't realize about evolution is that "smarter, stronger, prettier" doesn't always equal being more ecologically fit. Sometimes the sneekier cricket gets to mate.

I appreciate Kurt Vonneguts take in the book Galapagos. Humans actually evolved by becoming less influential environmentally compared to how we are now.  Nature always has, and always will, find a way. That may or may not include us being around.

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It can be interpreted directly i.e. genomics or it can be interpreted as a veiled reference to recent history i.e. USA treatment of blacks, Canadian treatment of native americans, India's treatment of dalits.

Is it better to stay in the hostels provided by SNU or in the nearby hostels available for a fresher?

It is compulsary to stay on campus. You can't stay in a PG nearby, and even if you could Dadri village isn't safe(neither is Chithera), and anywhere else is too far away.If you don't like the prospect of having 3 other people staying in the same room as you, I suggest you come mentally

What time is it on the moon?

I'm pretty sure you would use UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) which is basically the same as GMT and is what they use on the ISS.UTC is technically a time standard, so instead there would need to be a time zone for the moon

What would aliens think about human beings believing in God?

What would aliens think about human beings believing in God?What makes anyone think that any alien race-assuming one or more sentient races exist-would all agree on everything?This is one of the greatest failings of science fiction's many depictions of alien races. The vast