Is the movie Hereditary scary?

Hereditary is scary because many times during the course of the film I forgot I just wasn't watching a movie about a family with problems. The mom's a screeching mimi-an absolute nightmare every time she gets upset who throws blame around like a javelin aimed for whichever heart is closest. The dad is like a ghost in the house-barely there. Kid number one looks like a fuck-up at first glance and I'm looking at his mansion-like house and thinking: "What do you have to complain about kid?" And the smaller child is weird as hell and no one seems to notice-because we are so super pc now, so absolutely full of shit that no one would say anything no matter how creepy the kid, because it would be superficially impolite.

Then you have the ghostly matriarch that ran the family who everyone ‘respects' although I didn't see anything she did to deserve an ounce of that. Every story the screeching mimi told about her was slightly horrific-but told with the utmost respect anyway. Watching it was like walking into quicksand or being placed in a very small hot metal box.

And then you add the demon.

I thought the way the whole thing unraveled was brilliant.


The fact that the little girl never had a life was so uniquely tragic. The actions of others and what ‘they' wanted robbed that kid of her whole life and self and, eventually, killed her shell. The boy child had some value, poor bastard. She had none at all by virtue of just being female.

It's a yes from me.

Which comedy TV shows do conservatives watch?

The same as you most likely. I don't care if shows have different beliefs. Honestly SNL is the only one that makes me cringe. I quite like watching Jon Stewart's daily show, even if I roll my eyes at some of his rants. If you surround

How does NASA send Rovers to Mars?

They stick them on top of a multi-stage rocket (an Atlas V for the curiosity rover).Fire them into space using the rocket stages in turn.point the rocket towards where Mars will be by the time the rocket has had time to get there and detach the spacecraft.This Nasa video explains some basicsVideos