Is the only way to sculpt my chest and loss chest fat is to do heavy sets of low reps and focus on outer and lower chest muscles?

First, chest fat. This is just fat. Lose fat, it goes from anywhere, spot checking can only be done via liposuction.

Sculpting a chest? Try just building one. Bench press is overrated, but weighted dips are great. That and some kind of fly- cables, dumbbells, whatever, ought to do it. Consider some kind of incline with the flys to build that upper part.

And that's about it. Don't get too chest-obsessed. Other muscles matter more, balance is key, and tightness will ruin your shoulders, among other things.

What is jealousy and where does jealousy come from?

Insecurity. Inadequacy. The feeling that you are in some way not measuring up and the habit of focusing on people who are. Comparing yourself to other people and falling short. Tunnel vision helps, honing in on a trait you want and identifying it in other people without factoring in the totality of who they or who you are.Romantic

What are some alternatives of incline push-ups?

Let me say what most people won't tell you, if you are a beginner and don't have that much natural strength in your triceps or you are little heavier side then it is extremely difficult to do push up.You probably heard some people say,

How often should I incorporate pushups and pullups into my workouts?

Thanks for the A2A.It really depends on what your current workout is like, and how your recovery is going.I'll use myself as an example, as I'm pretty average is most ways.I run a 3 day per week powerlifting program with the main goal as