Is the point of life to die?

So let's pick this apart:
If we are going to die, then there is no point of living.

This is also implicitly saying:
If we never died, then there would a point to our lives

Now if you object to the implicit premise, then why say it at all? That would like rejecting a piece of chocolate by saying: "No thanks, I don't want it because it has nuts in it", and then when someone offers you chocolate without nuts you still say ‘no'. In which case one would have to wonder why you mentioned the nuts in the first place.

In case you do not reject the implicit premise then I will make the following case:

Isn't it exactly because we are going to die that there is a point to our lives, and not despite of it? How do you imagine the world would look if nobody ever died? Have you any idea as to how many people would be living? Where would they live? How would they live their lives?

This is not to mention, as other posters have, that saying that there is no point to something because it ends at some point is simply a weird argument. Now perhaps if time is really constrained one could make that argument. Let's say someone offers you to play soccer match for the duration of 15 seconds, then you could reasonably ask what the point of that soccer match would be. However, if the soccer match is 90 minutes, then there is plenty of time to enjoy the match. A 90 minutes soccer game certainly sounds better than a soccer game to infinity. Likewise, since life is not just a few seconds, minutes or hours to most of us; then there is plenty of time to live and thus no reason to conclude that it is pointless. Not to mention that the prospects of immortality for all humans is a horrific prospect.

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