Is there a correlation between psychopathy and specific personality typologies?

Ah, yes. MBTI.
Nor MBTI, nor Jung's theories are valid any more.

But let's assume we are talking about personality traits in general.
One thing you should understand is that Psychopathy is a disorder. While personality is not.
Let me put it this way: So you have food. It might be salty, sweet or etc. Then it burns. If you eat that you won't say the food is salty ( I asumme burned food taste salty). You say it burned. And it's not a good food anymore.

In terms of Big five personality trait, You might get manifestation of an un-agreeable person, (maybe!) but it's not a manifestation of personality, but a much more different one, it's psychopathy.

You see what I mean?
Well, T is basically always present, as they don't feel emotions to the depth as everyone else and rarely act on them. They can be introverts or extraverts although its common for them to prefer to be alone (where they don't have to act normal) as is the case for me. ther doesn't seem to be much correlation otherwise. in my own expirience (not necesarily representative of all psychopaths) I score overwhelmingly I and T but am border line for the other two traits (N/S and P/J)
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What is the principle basis for diagnosing schizophrenia?

The two primary symptoms are hallucinations (auditory is most common but other senses can be involved), and delusions (not being able to sort out reality from fantasy, and often having paranoid or grandiose ideas). If one only has delusions, it could be "Delusional Disorder" but many schizophrenics deny symptoms. It is

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I was first diagnosed with it when i was in my 20's, and Im 65 now so hopefully can answer based on my experience. Clinical depression is genetic so I think its important to look back. I believe I experienced it some in my teens but didnt understand what was happening.