Is there a possibility that Jesus never existed?

Is there a possibility that Jesus never existed?

It is certainly possible, given the lack of first-hand, contemporary, evidence.

However, Josephus notes more than 20 people names Jesus and the region abounded in end-times preachers following the fall of the Temple, so an itinerant, end-times, preacher named Jesus is not a huge stretch.

Not many people around that time and place have any evidence at all of their ever existing, so some contradictory, second- or third-hand accounts dating from decades after the events and written by people who were not the attributed authors is pretty good by comparison to nothing at all.

On the other hand, the existence of a supernatural Jesus, who was connected to events that should have been widely reported locally and occasionally around the world, is easier to dismiss.

Yes Jesus existed and was recognized by secular sources as well as the Biblical accounts.

The first author outside the church to mention Jesus is the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, who wrote a history of Judaism around AD93. He has two references to Jesus

About 20 years after Josephus we have the Roman politicians Pliny and Tacitus, who held some of the highest offices of state at the beginning of the second century AD. From Tacitus we learn that Jesus was executed while Pontius Pilate was the Roman prefect in charge of Judaea (AD26-36) and Tiberius was emperor (AD14-37) – reports that fit with the timeframe of the gospels. Pliny contributes the information that, where he was governor in northern Turkey, Christians worshipped Christ as a god. Neither of them liked Christians – Pliny writes of their "pig-headed obstinacy" and Tacitus calls their religion a destructive superstition.

Did Jesus Exist? Searching for Evidence Beyond the Bible - Biblical Archaeology Society

What do Roman and Jewish sources tell us about Jesus?

Just as valid to ask, there a possibility he existed?

The "proof" for it is zero, a nd relies entirely on writings done by scribes, monks and others with an agenda to convince the gullible.

The Romans and the Jews both kept extensive records of events that took place in the area around that time, but there seems a complete absence of any reference to such a character.

Of those supposedly living at the time, the disciples, only one who later wrote gospels may have been a contempory, the others had a church to construct, and they needed a sound enough reason to convince any converts from other religious orders, the so called Messiah filled the bill admirably.

Q: Is there a possibility that Jesus never existed?

A: Yes. All evidence for the existence of Jesus is in texts written decades after he supposedly lived.

I think it is unlikely that early Christianity would have gotten traction without teachings by word from a rabbi from Galilee called Yeshuha ben Yussuf, but it is entirely plausible that the character is made-up for profit.

Just look at Scientology.

Everyday this question pops here on quora.


The Roman historian and senator Tacitus referred to Christ, his execution by Pontius Pilate, and the existence of early Christians in Rome in one page of his final work, Annals (written ca. AD 116), book 15, chapter 44.[1]

The context of the passage is the six-day Great Fire of Rome that burned much of the city in AD 64 during the reign of Roman Emperor Nero.[2] The passage is one of the earliest non-Christian references to the origins of Christianity, the execution of Christ described in the canonical gospels, and the presence and persecution of Christians in 1st-century Rome.[3][4]

Scholars generally consider Tacitus' reference to the execution of Jesus by Pontius Pilate to be both authentic, and of historical value as an independent Roman source.[5][6][7] Eddy and Boyd state that it is now "firmly established" that Tacitus provides a non-Christian confirmation of the crucifixion of Jesus.[8]

Historian Ronald Mellor has stated that the Annals is "Tacitus's crowning achievement" which represents the "pinnacle of Roman historical writing".[9] Scholars view it as establishing three separate facts about Rome around AD 60: (i) that there were a sizable number of Christians in Rome at the time, (ii) that it was possible to distinguish between Christians and Jews in Rome, and (iii) that at the time pagans made a connection between Christianity in Rome and its origin in Roman Judea.[10][11]

Tacitus on Christ - Wikipedia

Tacitus on Christ - Wikipedia



Possibility, yes. Is it proveable, no.

Pretty much all of bible is writing of hearsay. and everytime it was translated and rewrited imagination and worldview of author was added. Creating the nice mess we have today.

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