Is there a psychological reason why people who claim to have been abducted mostly see humanoid aliens during their abduction?

For those who were actually abducted, the aliens were bipedal, and an evolutionary expert believes that Earthlike planets will produce Earthlike creatures -- which can include humanoids.

Skeptics will claim -- with the same credibility as the Flat Earth Society -- that science fiction shows and movies featuring the grey aliens influenced the sightings. And claim the greys don't exist on the "just because" principle.

Ok, here I go with my own opinion.

There is NO OTHER high developed form of life in the whole material Universe but the HUMANOID form. There may exist other forms of life, but they are less developed than the Humanoids, whatever Planets these would inhabit.

The reason for that is, the Human form is the most optimal form. Same way Humans managed to seize control over the Earth, they have managed to control any other Planet in this material Universe.

There may be higher beings in some other Universes, but they are not made of matter. And if they wanted to materialize and to "appear" in front of us, they would take the shape of a Human, same way Angels used to do it, if we believe the Bible or any other ancient source.

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Is there a psychological reason why people who claim to have been abducted mostly see humanoid aliens during their abduction?

Come on, be for real.....The title of this.

Once upon a time there were numerous alleged alien abductions. They were deemed unbelievable by people who had never been abducted themselves. One time a reporter in the mid west put a story in the newspaper about an alien abduction. More and more people who proclaimed an alien abduction stuck with the description the reporter gave because it would seem more believable if many people saw the same thing. Its psychological.

The most horrible thing isn't 10 foot ants, or 20 foot octopuses, it's humans - but just a little bit different. Large heads, thin little bodies - distorted humans. That's worse than monsters. (Don't ask me why. If a 3-trunked, small, intelligent elephant species came to Earth, I wouldn't live long enough to ask all the questions I've already thought up. Scared? Fascinated. But alas, they never abduct me.)

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