Is there a way to learn professional photography from home in India?

Edit :- sorry , didn't read the home part earlier .

So , yes .. ofcourse there are many ways to learn professional photography from home. You should understand first that the measure of being a good photographer is not only a degree from college . It is dependant on how good you click your photos and if your pictures are good enough then you don't need to get a degree . I learned photography by myself . I won't even consider myself learning completely. You should always be open to crtique and choose a good platform to be criticised ( instagram , pintrest ) . Now , you also should click pictures by whatever you have and don't think that only DSLRs are good for clicking plictures . Start exploring your camera , be it mobile phone , tablets etc . Choose your subjects , gain interest , understand your camera . And still you want more than what i've written below may help you

There are many ways to learn professional photography in our country . There are many colleges in India which offers diploma degrees in various courses such as photojournalism, photography etc .

Top 10 Photography Colleges In India

Checkout this link .

I myself am aspiring for LLA OOTY.

Hi Dibyojyoti,

Thanks for the request ...

I am one of the self taught professional photographers ....

There are many ways to learn professional photography from Home ...

First and foremost you need to ask or answer what kind of Professional Photography you want to get into ...

You need to have the following before you get on to Professional front ..

  1. Thorough knowledge of basics of Photography,camera control, light control
  2. Photo gear
  3. Lots and lots of practical practice
  4. Make mistakes and learn from them
  5. You can join an online course too but that too will ask you to submit practical results (though might help in disciplining yourself)
  6. Refer to Online tutorials and video, watch them and than do them yourself
  7. Take up challenges to shoot different subjects, ask your friends to pose
  8. Stay away from updating the photographs on social media (you will only get LIKES and no real leanings or critique to improve yourself.

Hope this would be helpful to you ...

In case you want more insight or clarification do let me know ...



There are many videos on YouTube. U can search and find it . Best tutorial for lightroom and photoshop , that can increase your valuation of photo.

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