Is there actually more evidence to prove that aliens are real and that people are ignoring solid evidence because it goes against people's social constructs?

Assuming «aliens» is the pejorative term for «extraterrestrials».

There is not yet any evidence on the existence of extraterrestrials. It is just a very likely and very popular conjecture.

That some people refuse the existence of extraterrestrials is a possibility. But I must say that all along my life I saw a substancial shift: in the 1950 and early 1960, speaking ETs was considered barmy, and scientists were saying that their existence was unlikely. (back then the theory on the formation of planets was that they needed a close encounter between two stars, making them very rare). Today it is much easier to speak of them, and mainstream science is also very supportive of the idea.

In fact, today, the ET hypothesis has become so popular that deniers have to resort to boosting disinformation and denigration: conspiracy theories about the government hidding stuff, ugly or evil ETs invading Earth, fake frightening «alien abduction» stories (which turned out to be benign sleep paralysis experiences), etc.

Consider today that China built a larger replica of Arecibo (since some idiots were speaking of closing it). One of their main displayed purpose was SETI.

It is not against social constructs as most people have high expectations there is alien life elsewhere in our universe.

The only seeming evidence are those reports of unknown flying craft. (UFOs)

However any craft that has aerodynamic characteristics, have smoking exhausts, spinning parts or lights are certainly not from any other planet.

If they are real then they are from earth and made here by humans.

The only real aliens would come from a different realm of existence.

The Bible, Torah, the Book of Enoch and many other religious texts report the appearance of beings of light materializing.

These aliens talk of other realms of existence that Christians call heaven.

I just saw a UFO.

Already there's more evidence they exist than they do not.

And despite their alleged devotion to science and the scientific method, skeptics -- like many believers -- are still prone to putting belief ahead of the science.

The idea that anyone is visiting us from who knows how many lightyears away is hard to believe, many are dead set on saying it's impossible.

And despite the numerous loopholes, they still stick with Einstein's theory of relativity to prove why it's impossible even though science says this may not be so.

It is probably much simpler than that.

There is just no available verifiable evidence.

If there was, it would be studied carefully by all disciplines of science.

The nearest star system is 4.4 light year away. That is a loooong way.

I personally, would be very excited if there was some evidence found.

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