Is there any mention of the events in ancient Israel (Fall of Israel by Assyrians, Babylonian exile) by ancient Greek writers like Herodotus, Plato, Xenophon, etc?

The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Babylonian, Persians etc all knew about the Israelites,  They copied their ways of learning and thinking.  Priests of ancient Rome and Rabbis often got together to learn.  Many Greeks and Romans became Part of the Jewish world . Persia was a great place for the Jewish people they did a lot for the country in helping others learn things and have things they wouldn't have had if they didn't have trade.  You have to read Jewish history because More Jewish people were educated in life events than the others who never had to or would leave their place of birth.  Jewish people had to learn how to live in every society they were brought into in order to survive.

Herodotus uses the term "Philistia" but does mention that its inhabitants were circumcised, so he presumably means the Israelites. He mentions the destruction of Sennacherib's army, as we read in  2 Kings 19:35-36. See this critical discussion: 424 BC (Greek Geographer/historian).

Not a single mention of Jews or Israelites in any Ancient Greek history or Egyptian or Persian or Babylonian . Heodotous mentions Syrians of Palestine being circumciseid which they learned from the Egyptians . Zionist here ty to make up claims that do not exsist outsode the Bible .

What's your deepest impression about Russia?

Russia is located in a brutal environment that is difficult to live in and is made up of a mind set conducive to a difficult existence.  Let's just say they have not completely evolved toward a peaceful society.  Power is still taken, not transferred.  The

What are some alkalis found at home?

Compounds of Alkali metals include:Table salt (NaCl)Lithium salts in your smartphone battery (LiCoO2 as mentionned by Karl Young here)Drain cleaner (NaOH)Soaps (can be made out of NaOH or KOH)I don't know household uses of Rubidium (traces in GPS systems), Caesium or Francium, too bad.As a

What is the most amazing bedroom you have ever seen?

Here is one of my favorite bedrooms, I find it truly remarkable!It is designed by Fernando Morrisoniesko. Unfortunately, it`s only a visualization but I hope you will like it too :)