Is there any startup in Hanoi, Vietnam to visit?

Do you have any preference like industry or type? I'd recall some start-ups such as topica (edtech), lozi (food) and toong (coworking space). There's a start-up community called launch Log into Facebook and an event on 18 feb EdTech Asia Hanoi - Event #2 that you might be interested.

What kind of start-ups would you like to meet with? Now i work for a startup company - Danh mục nhà hàng cao cấp( food review site for foreigner in vietnam) I have joined in some startup community so i think i can help you. Please let me know if you know what exactly startup?

There are not many startup community in Hanoi. But I can suggest you some ones making impression recently. The first one is Hanoi Creativity City that is a complex building including entertainment, food, art areas. Creation is highly appreciated and many startup ideas was supported, deployed and became main business of this building. Contact them through this link: Hanoi Creative City

You can always call me if you like to interview Edtech startups.

I'm one of the entrepreneur in this theme and also a writer on Học Lập Trình.

How to get my life back on track after I have messed up in life

There is always a chance for a new beginning.In life we are faced with realities, these realities unravel themselves to us as replicas of who we are, the decisions we made in the past, and the image we have shown the world about us and their perceptions

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She is a bitch!!Even if someone is a classmate of mine since kindergarten I usually don't say anything at all unless I'm asked to. So I usually stand or sit still not saying anything and not making any sound at all.There were so many times where I walked along or stood near someone and they suddenly scream,

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Momentum!Elliptically!...Majestically, I might add!Let me know if you need help understanding things like vacuum (a more common term is