Is there any two-wheeler banned in India?

People in India are crazy for two wheeler. It's impossible to ban two wheelers in India. In most of the cities in India, they are required is because the public transportation is lacking. Two wheelers are the affordable transport for middle class too. Banning 2-wheelers would make the last mile connectivity extremely difficult. I am sure the Indian government won't ban best two wheeler in India.

How many inventions did Nikola Tesla bring into being?

Go get a book and read it.Or go to Belgrade, Serbia, to the Tesla Museum, where they have everything listed.The Serbians also claim a lot of stuff was confiscated by the FBI when Tesla died in 1943 and has not been revealed. However, the U.S. government sent a distinguished professor from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

What do top teachers know about how to control a classroom that many teachers never learn?

That you must never shout or appear to lose your temper as they adore that. You must quickly know the names of all your pupils and stand nearly all the time. Always speak firmly and clearly, without hesitation or ambiguity. Present your subject in a way the pupils will understand and

What's the best approach to learn C# using Xamarin Studio instead of Visual Studio?

DISCLAIMER: I work on Xamarin Components Team (Microsoft), so I'm biased (at least people say so).If you look Xamarin docs, all docs that are IDE specific (Visual Studio vs Xamarin Studio) will have toggle/switch/tab in upper right corner where you can switch between XS and VS to see the differences.See: (MonoDevelop) tried to mimic Visual